European export Specialist services in the Healthcare Industry

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European Healthcare Sector

We are a European company with a team of professionals from the Healthcare sector

Gain access to 30 European countries to expand your business. We offer a service that can accelerate your growth in the European market and significantly increase your overall sales.

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Our team believes in the tremendous potential of the European Common Market! We are dedicated to bringing people together and helping them benefit from joint projects.

We collaborate with various companies and entities across Europe, creating a safe and friendly environment to initiate your international sales.

Why limit yourself to selling in just one country when you can tap into the potential of 30 European countries to market your products?

find a distributor in any EU country

Whether you want to sell in Spain, France, or Poland, we can assist you in finding the right distributor to commercialize your products.

We help you negotiate the best business terms and facilitate the signing of a Distribution Agreement. Our expertise extends to advising you on EU medical legislation, Incoterms, and shipping methods, as well as prices and payment methods.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Export with us

Contacting companies in foreign countries can be a challenging task. Let us handle it for you!

We can represent your company in the way you feel comfortable with.

Once we have identified the most suitable distributor candidates, we can reach out to them, introducing your company and products. We can discuss potential collaborative projects, outlining the type of cooperation you are seeking.

We help you establish the most favourable business relations to make your business grow across Europe.

We want to help you reach the Entire EU market

We can do it together